Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ice cream and other similiar variants of the frozen dessert can be found all over the world.

If I were more eloquent I might be able to describe to you the joys of digging into your own personal tub of icecream whilst watching a brainless movie; or slowly sucking a spoonful of icecream as you sink into the eyes of your date; or rushing to eat a waffle at the precise moment of it melging with the icecream but not yet losing its own decency.

Unfortunately, I can't. And thus I leave you with two pictures. The first a combination of the four icecream flavours to be found at wagamama, 2 bucks a scoop, I would return to the famed noodle import franchise if only for the icecream - lychee, vanilla, sesame and green tea flavours.

And this second picture one of the tubs of ice cream currently sitting in my freezer. Not for long.


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