Saturday, September 22, 2007


when p and I had dinner at latium last month, I was accused of eating in a filthy manner. p wasn’t referring to any lack of basic hygiene, but stated emphatically that dining with me was like having the sound track of a c-list pornographic movie playing in the background. I obviously did not agree, but my mouth was too full of the beautiful fish ravioli to argue. I groaned in pleasure in response.

three weeks dreaming about the fish ravioli, I had to go again. the table booked, I lobbied c into having supper with me.

I ordered the same starter I had the last time I ate at latium – three moreish mounds of beef tartare, each topped with a poached quail’s egg, with a side of rocket salad. it was more moreish than I remembered. c chose the foie gras terrine with a cherry brioche – rich and sweet, total decadence.

the pasta courses were next. or rather THE pasta course. having convinced c that the fish ravioli was simply divine, and also that I wasn’t willing to share any of mine, c ordered his own plate of fish ravioli. it was a work of art – four different coloured ravioli squares placed in front of us in the order we were meant to eat them in. black squid ink ravioli with its filling of monkfish, spinach ravioli with its treasure of cod, egg ravioli with brill and carrot ravioli with crab. the raviolis were dressed in a light fish broth and shaved bottarga. it couldn’t get much better. this was true love.

the mains were lovely. to be fair to the mains, they had big ravioli shoes to fill as I was still lusting after the fish ravioli even after it had come and gone. c’s pork belly was a lovely chunk of well roasted pork goodness, the crackling a delight. I had braised beef which came wrapped in cabbage which when cut open revealed the tender strips of beef which fell apart in an satisfying manner to absolve itself of all its slow cooked goodness.

having eaten till bursting capacity, we could just about manage petit fours – a good looking tray of truffles which we were much too full to eat in its entirety which was a real shame. we did however had a nibble of each truffle which we then placed back on the tray in such a manner it seemed we hadn’t touched it at all. rather juvenile on my part I admit, but I blame the fact that I was still on a high from the fish ravioli.
latium has definitely made it onto my favourites list. the waiters have promised me that while the main menu is seasonal and subject to daily changes depending on the market produce to which the kitchen is subject, the current ravioli menu is on for the entire year. I’m probably going to cry when they break my heart and stop serving the fish ravioli.


Anonymous dorcas said...

you..didn't...finish...the...petit fours!??!

i thought it was a big plate of ravioli, only 4! no wonder you want more.

I should try to make ravioli.

7:06 AM  
Blogger the guvnor said...

yeah you should! can you get squid ink at the fishmongers?

how's the yabbie doing? i'm thinking you're probably going to eat it soon - have you named it?


8:16 AM  

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