Tuesday, March 03, 2009

banoffee pie

i'm a terrible friend - i'm terrible at keeping in touch. having not properly caught up with M for ages despite having made several aborted attempts at meeting up for a pint, i rang him (almost crying) - please come cat hunting with me - i begged over the phone. and M, being the ever dependable bloke he is, came cat hunting with me. twice. he is a dear. he always has been - i will forever be grateful for his furniture assembly expertise and the time he bailed me out, cheered me up and bought me lunch when i got pickpocketed in the tube.

i'm trying to be a better friend. and so, i thought i'd make M a batch of mini banoffee pies to thank him for all the cat-hunting company. M's not really a foodie. but there was that rare occasion when he once raved about mini banoffee pies. they're a doddle to make.

i crushed a large bag of ginger biscuits with a rolling pin. one could use regular digestives. it just happened that i had ginger biscuits in the larder. the ginger was a nice touch in retrospect. adding enough melted butter to bind the crumbs, spoonfuls of the buttered crumbs were divided among foil cups and left in the fridge to set. i cheated and used ready made caramel, though one could always boil a can of condensed milk for the same effect. when the tartlets were set, the banoffee pies were assembled with a little smidgeon of caramel, a couple of slices of banana, a splodge of whipped cream (which hadn't really been whipped as such but rather pumped full of NO2 gas in an iSi siphon - less washing up that way) and a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

M - thanks for being a brilliant mate. i hope you enjoyed the rest of the banoffee pies.


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very nice :) x

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