Saturday, May 12, 2007

the simple life

“don’t eat it with a fancy sauce. yes. simple… olive oil, garlic….perfecto. this pasta is very tasty by itself” warned the italian lady at the la tua pasta stand at borough market this morning as she bagged up my pack of tagliolini al Nero di sepia. simple suits me fine. i had a pack of chorizo and a couple of defrosted prawns begging to be eaten, and this was going to be their day.

it couldn’t be simpler. finely chopped chorizo was fried till crisp in a splash of olive oil which rendered out the spicy chorizo oil in which I sautéed some thinly sliced garlic, flash fried the lightly seasoned prawns and tipped in the cooked squid ink tagliolini. a quick toss and I ate it all with a fork in front of a CSI rerun. i love simple.


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