Tuesday, October 30, 2007

piri-piri chicken

what’s a girl to do when her boss gives her a bottle of piri-piri sauce from his recent travels to the Algarve? she makes piri-piri chicken.

piri-piri chicken

chicken – marinated in half a bottle of abovementioned piri-piri sauce (alternatively, whiz into a puree a handful of birds-eye chili, a splash of vinegar and a splash of olive oil), huge tablespoons of minced garlic, salt and a glug of olive oil. I advocate using a spoon. you will regret having used your hands if you inadvertently rub your eyes.

not the most precise of measurements I admit but you’ll figure it out, as things depend on how hot you like your chicken. ideally left to marinate overnight as the chilli permeates every crevice in your chicken and acts partially as a tenderizer. bring to room temperature (if chilled overnight in the fridge) and roast at a preheated oven at 200C for about 25 minutes depending on the size of your chicken (parts) till the juices run clear and skin is deliciously crisp.

I served my chicken with spinach rice and a carrot salad dressed lightly in a splash of the chicken juices from the roasting pan. mix a couple of tablespoons of the chicken juices from the pan with a good glug of the piri-piri sauce (depending on how hot you like it and if there’s any left) and drizzle over the chicken.


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