Saturday, July 05, 2008

bosquet 58

The three course menu takes commitment” – Time Out, Brussels.
i was wondering what Time Out meant when it said that about Bosquet 58, and as I paused to take a break as I struggled to finish the very moreish tarte tatin, i understood. this place really knew how to feed you.

even before I had placed my orders, I was presented with a glass of kir royale. very nice. it was extremely efficient service considering that madame louradour, wife of the chef proprietor was the only person servicing the front of house. she also very kindly handed me an English menu when after asking for a table, my french came to a halt. I could however ask for a glass of house white because that’s what I’ve just learnt today from the french cd I’ve been listening to. she had to correct my pronounciation though. the house white was extremely drinkable, slightly dry with an aftertaste of honey – very surprising considering that it cost less than eau minerale.

i had passed in the window display, a chalkboard with a handwritten menu du jour – at EUR 13 for three courses, I had somehow assumed it was only available for lunch. I was mistaken – that was the cost of dinner. I think I love Brussels.

the offerings were simple and honest bistro type food – no fuss with complicated preparations or frou frou presentations here. but it was good. eschewing the many salads and terrines on offer as a starter, I went for the vegetable soup, a comforting concoction of legumes, carrots and lentils, pureed to creamy consistency. the duck confit came with a more than generous helping of frites, and a rather peppery sauce – not a green in sight. I resolved not to eat all the chips which was very difficult to do as they were fried to a perfect crisp on the outside while still retaining that lovely fluffy interior that is the mark of a well cooked chip. the tarte tatin came with an assortment of fresh fruits and a very rich vanilla ice-cream – i tried to be virtuous and ate all the fruits first, but that didn’t stop me from eating all of the tarte tatin with its crisp (top)base and the lusciously soft slithers of apples which had been baked with a touch of cinnamon to absolute utter tenderness.

I’d normally say Bosquet 58’s a sure candidate for a repeat visit, considering that it’s only down the street from the gym. I had however earlier today compiled a list of all the restaurants I want to eat at in Brussels, consolidating the tips from reading various guides, blogs and recommendations from mates – I’m beginning to think that 3 months isn’t going to be long enough to eat my way through them. it’s just as well – I’m never going to be able to fit into my clothes after this summer if I keep eating at places like Bosquet 58.

p.s. - leave a comment if there's a particular restaurant in brussels you reckon should make my list.


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