Monday, July 21, 2008

the kitchen shop

so I am a little odd. I’d rather spend my paycheck on a set of steak knives and kitchen equipment than a tod’s bag or christian lobutins or whatever it is that girls buy.

and so I did get myself a set of steak knives this weekend. I couldn’t help it – there they were, beckoning me from the shop window, six laguiole steak knives with a lovely heavy wood handle and little bees carved into the metal work, all sitting prettily in their wooden box. I’ve been walking past them and lusting everyday on my way home from the gym. the shop caters to the catering trade, selling wine glasses, dinner plates and cutlery in bulk, stacks of crockery piled on the floor, boxes of other service ware – and in the midst of all that chaos, these lovely steak knives. I also managed to wander into a lovely kitchen shop,
dille and kamille, where i found the loveliest assortment of cookie cutters and other things I know I don’t need but couldn’t help buying anyway.

here’s a picture of my spoils.

1. extra large mixing bowl - possibly the largest i've ever seen.
2. giant rabbit cookie cutter
3. blue glass cake stand
4. pesto
5. tealight holder with metal cutouts of reindeer
6. fleur de sel
7. orrechiete with dried ceps, saffron risotto
8. spekuloos moulds
9. rocking horse, pig and cat cookie cutter
10. laguiole steak knives

and finally,

11. clothes peg with a ladybug – simply because I’m a little twee.


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