Sunday, July 27, 2008

lunch at g's

I’ve known G for almost a decade but have never had the pleasure of tasting his attempts in the kitchen. And so when he offered to cook Sunday lunch for a couple of friends and I was privy to one of the limited invites, I jumped at it. I love homecooked meals. Plus I was curious about G’s cooking skills.

I had to laugh when G served his starter of melon and parma ham. Just look at the frilly hat on the toothpick. This was a side of G I’d never seen before.
His lasagna was excellent – having made a tactical decision to let his pre-assembled sit and rest for the greater part of the morning before finishing it off in the oven just before lunch, the homemade bolognaise and white sauce sauce had time to settle between the layers of pasta. I had two helpings. There wasn’t very much space left for the tarts G had procured from le pain quotidien for pudding.
Thanks G – it was a brilliant meal – great food, and fab conversations with your mates. And of course, more things I learnt from lunch that day that i can now tease you about. That’s what friends are for eh.


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