Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Fresh back from a week in Tewkesbury and back to reality in bigbankbrussels, I headed out on my first day back at lunch for grown-up food at Ogenblik. having perused the menu online, i knew what i was going to get. I had to have it - the Mille-feuille de saumon et de queues d’écrevisses au coulis de langoustines. How could that one sentence not move you to insatiable and immediate desire? It had all elements that one legitimately lusts for – pastry, salmon, crayfish tails, and a langoustine puree. I had to have it.

and any establishment that starts my meal off with a good healthy chunk of warm rustic sourdough baguette, and a slab of butter will have a place of honour in my (potentially cholesterol laden) heart. A glass of house vin blanc, simply because it cost less than eau pétillante, me and the sourdough baguette anticipated for the arrival of THE DISH.

it was exactly what it said it was going to be - a wedge of pastry, layered with generous chunks of salmon and prawns, oozing with spinach and cheese, sitting on a creamy, velvety sauce which was the embodiment of everything good about langoustines - the sweetness that comes from being a hardy bottomfeeder - i find it best not to think of what exactly they feed on - they are after all excellent in almost any form. i ate it all 'ogenblik' - in the blink of an eye. like a bottomfeeder.


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